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The Spray Foam Advantage

4 Layers of Protection - No Leaks Ever!

A layer of closed cell seamless monolithic blanket of
polyurethane foam insulation. (Same type of material
used in marine flotation). Due to its closed cell nature,
water will not travel laterally or migrate through it.

A layer that consists of a durable, yet flexible
base coat of original GE Silicone roof coating
which protects water from ever reaching the
polyurethane foam.
Final layer consists of embedded granules in
the top coat for UV protection, and to create a
durable walking surface. Furthermore, we can
eliminate ponding water by using a 3"2"1” pitch.
A top coat consistent of another layer of
GE Silicone to guarantee water resistance.

Every layer increases your bottom line!

It's the system that pays for itself

The air conditioning loss you have been experiencing in your commercial building can be significantly reduced! Our insulating spray foam is  completely air-tight and seals in your building’s cool air. We also apply a seamless, high-solids silicone and acrylic based material as a way of ensuring there will be no water leaks into your commercial building. The end result is a flat roof that is truly protected from the scorching sun and other destructive weather elements.

Polyurethane Spray Foam

by the numbers...

WeatherTight offers a closer look at what makes our product stand out within the roofing industry.


lbs per square
50% less than ballasted single-ply


$$$ saved annually on HVAC costs
based on DOE avg utility consumption


years for investment return on SPF
avg based on HVAC load reductions

So about those benefits?

Negative Wind Uplift

Rated ¼ greater than
traditional modified bitumen
and built up gravel systems.

Energy Efficiency

Budget-friendly cost with an
average return on investment
of less than 5 years.

Noise Reduction

Polyurethane eliminates air
gaps and neutralizes mid
range frequencies.

Storm Resistance

Closed cell composition
acts as an air barrier to
prevent moisture infiltration.

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