Nicholas Devoe
Creative Director


  1. After 38 years in estate agency I have just suffered at the hand of TPO for the first time. Naive (100% of all consumers are without guile, malice and not spiteful), biased, technically without knowledge and actually only prepared to see compliance as pure black & white”. They actively discourage defending yourself probably because they don”t actually read your first defence submission so why would they bother reading anything further. They give themselves up to 90 days to reach a decision but when they have you”ve got 14 to respond. They know it will make it easier for the accused” just to pay their award rather than stand your ground. As far as I”m personally concerned Consumer Redress needs no strengthening. What does is agent defence! I am not just using this platform to have a pop” I completed their feedback form” and said it all there needless to say they probably need 90 days to consider it. God help us if TPO are the only redress scheme. If anyone can be bothered to complain to them then they”ll arrange for you to pay out regardless! A local solicitor imparted to me that if they get a complaint referred to the Law Society then they immediately offer the complainant £250 to make it go away as it”s cheaper than going through the process of defending themselves! With hindsight that”s probably good advice.

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